About Us

The Founder: 

HaveitModern was initially a mere dream inside the heart and mind of its Founder,  Jonathan R. Gangl. Young Jonathan found his love for design and architecture like how any other kid would, by playing Legos with his father. As he was heading into his Pre-Teen years, he found a new love, Renders. These were virtual Three-Dimensional photos that were designed to be extremely realistic. They fascinated him so he decided to learn how to-make them himself. Heading all through high school he continued his love of building by taking both Metal and Wood Shop. It was college when he began practicing interior design more, he signed up for the courses and continues to pursue his Associates Degree in Interior Design today. Coming into the 2nd year of the Covid-19 pandemic Gangl began his business. He took all of his passions and made a business from it. Architecture, interior design, renderings, each to play their own part in Jonathan R. Gangl’s dream.